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8. January 2014 01:32
by mthomas

How to respond to credit fraud

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The Four-Step Process

Experian® suggests that you follow a four-step process if you notice something unfamiliar or suspicious on one of your accounts or if someone accesses your bank account or commits any type of fraudulent activity using your identity.

Step 1: Contact Experian’s National Consumer Assistance Center

To add an alert at any time of the day or night, visit our online Credit Fraud Center or call Experian’s automated service at 1 888 397 3742.

  • An initial security alert can be immediately added to your credit file. This alerts creditors to confirm your identity before extending credit. Once an alert is added, your name will be removed from prescreened credit solicitation lists.

Remember! An alert may prevent you from being approved for new credit or you may be asked to provide identity information!

  • You also may request a complimentary credit report.
  • The alert will be shared with the other national credit reporting companies, Equifax and TransUnion, so they can add the alert to their credit files.

Step 2: Review Complimentary Credit Report or Order Report

  • Review your consumer disclosure for fraudulent data and call the special telephone number listed on the credit report.
  • You will speak with an Experian consumer assistance associate who is specially trained in fraud victim assistance.
  • Together, you and the consumer assistance associate identify fraudulent items. The items are investigated and verified.

Step 3: Experian Investigates

Experian verifies the information that the consumer alleges as fraudulent with the creditors or data furnishers.

  • Upon receipt of a valid police report or valid state approved identity theft form, Experian blocks alleged fraudulent information from view by creditors and other users of the report. This allows you to continue to be credit-active without being penalized for any fraudulent information on your report.
  • Experian employs special system procedures and matching criteria to ensure that fraudulent data is removed as soon as possible.

Step 4: Fraudulent Data Is Removed

  • Experian must complete an investigation within 30 days (or 45 days if information on an annual credit report is disputed).
  • The data contributor is asked to verify the information it reported with its records.
  • Once the response is received, the consumer will be notified of the results of the investigation.

Security Freezes — Learn More

More Resources

If you suspect you are a victim of identity theft, here are some important contact information that can help you respond:

Experian Fraud Division
1 888 397 3742

Equifax Fraud Division
1 800 525 6285

TransUnion Fraud Division
1 800 680 7289

Driver’s license number fraud – Notify your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles

Social Security number used to commit identity theft – Notify the Federal Trade Commission at 1 877 ID THEFT or 1 877 438 4338

Passport used in identity theft – Contact the U.S. State Department, Passport Services Department

Mail fraud – Visit the U.S. Postal Service® Website, Government Services

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IE 11 issues

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Dear Clients,

Many users are upgrading to Internet Explorer 11 and are running into issues accessing our website. We will be opening the site to IE11 later in this month's release.

For the time being, users with IE11 can enable compatibility mode for our website and it should resolve the issue.

Please advise clents to remove compatiblity mode for the site after the update has been released.

9. January 2013 19:17
by mthomas

IRS now accepts Electronic Signatures

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IRS now accepts Electronic Signatures


Today TaxReturnVerifications.com a service of CIC Credit announces a new innovative way to process all electronic signatures. TaxReturnVerifications.com has partnered with DocuSign to assist in a painless complete turnkey solution to easily have your borrower sign from their computer, tablet, or even their mobile device and send to the IRS for processing 24/7. Once you’re borrower signs then our technology takes over and within as little as 24 hours we will send the IRS transcript order.

Also unlike many of our competitors we saw a need to allow other electronic signature technologies so TaxReturnVerifications.com will allow any electronically signed 4506T to be uploaded to our site along with electronic envelope information to be processed and sent to the IRS as well.

Please see the attached addendum to enroll in the electronic signature program with the IRS. TaxReturnVerifications.com will tentatively roll out our DocuSign integration on January the 15th 2013. Additional fees will apply to all electronic signature processing.


Additional fees will apply to all electronic signature processing.



Please direct any questions to Mike Thomas or Eric Wimsatt at








4506T Electronic Signature Addendum.docx (27.54 kb)

23. October 2012 18:03
by mthomas

IRS approves E-signatures on the 4506T

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IRS approves

Electronic signature Proposal for the 4506T

TaxReturnVerifications.com was just notified by the IVES department of the IRS that within the next couple of weeks they will be releasing information on the upcoming changes and additions to the E-Signature movement for the 4506T processing dept. The IRS has intentions of accepting E-signatures starting January 2013. TaxReturnVerifications.com has developed our system to accept E-signatures months ago and will be ready starting on the day of the release.

For more information please contact TaxReturnVerifications.com at 615-250-2005 or your local account executive.