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Employment Screening

Prevent Employees From Putting Your Business at Risk.

Protect your company against internal theft, fraud, embezzlement, violence in the workplace and poor job performance.

CIC Credit delivers Quality Background Reports Quickly.  No matter what industry you serve, CIC Credit has the quality data and reporting you need to be compliant as well as make well-informed hiring decisions. We help clients mitigate risk by preventing hiring on applicants that could have cost them multiple Federal sanctions and a possible threat to clients. 

Helping companies protect their customers, their employees and their brand are what CIC Credit is all about.

FBI reports during 2013, law enforcement made an estimated 11,302,102 arrests; including 480,360 for violent crimes, 1,501,043 for drug abuse, 1,231,580 larceny-theft and 1,166,824 driving under the influence.

WHY Perform Background Checks?

It’s in the Employers best interest to know who they are hiring by validating the application or resume, and to investigate an applicant’s criminal status.Ensuring the right person for the right position, is one of the most important investments a company will make to have continued growth and to protect other employees.

Federal and State Agencies make it mandatory to perform a background check for:

Ø  Financial, Mortgage companies and the organizations that serve them.

Ø  Healthcare companies

Ø  Companies that service Residential Home.

Ø  Drivers that drive over sized vehicles.

Why Choose CIC Credit

CIC Credit delivers, Fast, Accurate, Quality Reports designed to each client's need and industry requirements. Our friendly staff’s extensive knowledge of the FCRA, Federal Laws, State Laws and Industry regulations allow us to help you mitigate risks and build the workforce to make your company thrive.

CIC Credit’s cutting edge technology will never get stale; our enhancements to clients are almost on a quarterly basis. Clients rave about CIC Credit’s Applicant Portal,  it reduces data entry,  gain efficiencies and gives greater protection against discrimination concerns.

Re-Check Tool makes ordering Annual or Quarterly Re-Screening by job position on 10 or 100’s of employees uncomplicated. Our software platform is easy to integrate with to your proprietary system or another ATS.


Background Screening Reports

CIC Credit’s Screening Services are designed to provide:

ü  Real-time Reporting direct from the source with Fast Turnaround Times.

ü  FCRA, State, and Industry Compliant Reporting.

ü  seven yr. Misdemeanor Convictions, ten yr. Felony convictions confirmed by two or more identifiers. Unless industry or clients customize reporting.

ü  Enhanced Criminal databases with more sources than most other companies.

ü  Keeping you informed with Status Detail Notes per service and per profile.

Screening Services

Criminal  Records

National Federal Criminal,

Statewide Real-time Criminal, County Criminal

Rapsheets National Criminal Database, Statewide Criminal Database

Federal and International Sanction list, Registered Sex Offenders

Financial Watch List and National Health Care Sanction List

International Criminal


Civil Records

National Federal Civil,

Statewide Civil Search, County Civil Search



Employment Credit Reports, Tax Verification Income

International Credit Reports



People Search  SSN Trace, Social Security Verification,  International ID  Verification


Driving Records 


International MVR



Employment, Education, References, Professional License,


Post Screening Services -  

Workman’s Comp, I9 Verifications and  e-Verify


Drug-Free Workplace Program  

Random and Suspicion Testing, Post Accident Testing

Urinalysis Testing, Lab and Instant Oral Testing, Hair Testing